Heralding the Dawn

Colorado Marble
Dimensions: 16 Feet Tall
14 Ton, 28 thousand pounds.
Here is represented the expression of the Sacred Union between the feminine and masculine polarities of existence. The Sacred Feminine is looking out into the cosmos to bring back the reflective dreams of consciousness ever anew. She is held by the Sacred Masculine, who knows the world – who knows all of the future potentials, including the obstacles and pitfalls of each. He watches out for Her, as she is free to explore the infinite possibilities of the Universe. She, in turn, brings her visions back to him.

Poem on the monument

Power shielding sacred vision
Starseed of our evolution
God and Goddess ever reaching,
As above so now below

From the pureness of our union,
Birth the pearls of higher wisdom
As the beauty touched within us
Frees the brilliance of our soul