Smaller Sculptures

The Oracle of Avalon

Italian translucent statuario marble.
Dimensions: 2 Ft. 10 In. Tall.
Sacred vulnerability and sacred witnessing.
Like the “Mists of Avalon” these ever-watchful deity envelopes the holy center of the soul. She is crouched, reflecting a state of aroused expectancy, where the energy of unmanifested life begins to vibrate into form.

White Buffalo Woman

Italian translucent Statuario Marble
Dimensions: 3 Feet Tall.

Grandmother stands as a keeper of Justice. She instructs the Indigenous peoples of all continents in how to honor this living planet and ALL her sacred life forms. She teaches that Humankind must walk with respect and integrity. She forewarns humanity of the consequences in the use of our free will.

Ancient Winged One

She came before all other creation to assist in what we now know as all the diverse kingdoms on planet Earth.

High Priestess

Green Mojave Marble
Dimensions: 2 Ft. 5 In. Tall.
She is the manifestor of worlds and lifeforms. From waves of sound and light with the movement of sacred intent, she calls forth that which has been ordained from the beginning. A single crystal tear appears upon her right cheek. She is lamenting her awareness that all which is brought forth into creation will, by the same divine hand, be dissolved back into the nothingness from which it came. High priestess has unlimited compassion for all that she has begotten, all that she begets.

The Seedling

Borrego Marble
Dimensions: 2 Feet Tall.
The seeding of great knowledge for Humanity.
Honoring ancient traditions yet powerfully new.
The seed contains the whole: the divine feminine and masculine in perfect relationship and balance. Grandmother and grandfather nurturing the seed of our humanoid potential.

Pregnant Wisdom

Pregnant Wisdom Sculpture

Borrego Alabaster
Dimensions: 3 Ft. 2 In. Tall.
Patient, caring, perfectly content, she holds tomorrow’s seeds of expression, knowing all things come in their own time.

My Prayer to God

Prayer God Sculpture

Borrego Alabaster
Dimensions: 3 Feet Tall.
A prayer in stone symbolizing one reaching out beyond the small self for Spirit and the higher Human Being.


Green Mojave Marble

Dimensions: 3 Ft. 4 In. Tall.
The Dreamer penetrates, the thin veil separating the known and unknown, tangible and intangible, the seen and unseen. His essence morphs into that of the Spirit guide, illuminating him with the gift of higher consciousness and vision.

Alter to the Elementals

Alter to the Elements by Francis Jansen

Canadian Marble.
Dimensions: 3 Ft Long, 32 In Wide, 10 In Deep.
Sacred Elemental honoring bowl, for the deep ceremonies that celebrate the Water, Air, Fire and Earth, allowing us this unique expression as manifested Life. A joyfilled celebration of the profound beauty that inspires us breathing this air, the waters coarsing through our viens, the fire that makes all life live, and the earth that holds us all wraped within her folds. We are so blessed.


The Union

White Italian Marble
Dimensions: 2 Ft. 1 In. Tall.
The wise man knows that within him lies the young warrior and the beautiful maiden. It is the union within self that brings harmony, the higher marriage.

Shaman’s Bird

Mojave Marble
Dimensions: 3 Ft. 2 In. Tall.
In the dreamtime, the shaman and the bird are one. This sculpture speaks to the art of shapeshifting, serving as a guide to other worlds. By placing one’s intentions and gifts to Spirit in the offering bowl, its power is activated.

Dreaming in Marble

Mojave Marble
Dimensions: 2 Ft. 6 In. Tall.
He is Grandfather who comes to remind us that we are all who have lived before us and all who will live beyond us – that we are not alone, not one body, but the collective dream of consciousness remembering its beginning and ending. He comes to tell us to live each day as if it were our first and last day on Earth.

Owl Woman

Borrego Alabaster.
Dimensions: 2 Ft. 2 In. Tall.
Slipping between worlds into the vast, unfathomable void from which all expression comes. Owl Woman is our guide to this sacred space of “in-between.”

Sea Nymph

Mojave Marble
Dimensions: 3 Feet Tall.
She is a guide from Grandmother Ocean, calling us back to the water – the way of flow, depth, and fluidity – the place where inspiration and innovation are fed until they are strong enough to be birthed into the physical world.

Ice Man

Ice Man Sculpture

Borrego Alabaster
Dimensions: 2 Ft. 8 In. Tall.
From the deep immeasurable expanses of time, his solitary visage emerges, an imprint of nobility captured in ice. What can his story be? It is the story of all humanity.

Half Face

Half Face Sculpture

Borrego Alabaster
Dimensions: 2 Ft. 4 In. Tall.
Only half this time to share, come again I’ll meet you there.


Geronimo Sculpture

Borrego Alabaster
Dimensions: 4 Ft. 10 In. Tall.
The first ancestor to call out from the stone, cracking the veil between the worlds for many others to follow.