Larger Sculptures


Canadian Marble
Dimensions: 5 Feet. Tall.
Knowing her perfectness within form, she is captured responding to her higher calling in a moment of Epiphany. She is woman looking beyond herself. Past her childbearing years, her communion is now universal.

Womb of Man

Mojave Tri-Color Marble
Dimensions: 5 Feet Tall.
Origin of species, is this not SHE who came first and begat all life? She is the first of the Rock-People become flesh. The Mother to whom all the races of humanity owe their origins, and at whose nurturing breast we ALL — black, yellow, red and white — received our identity and substance.

Emergence, “The Gathering”

Baja Onyx
Dimensions: 5 Feet Tall.
She is Great Grandmother, engulfed in spirit, holding Humanity in her loving arms, teaching, guiding with her heart song. She is the home that lives within each one of us.

Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer by Francis Jansen

Virginia Soapstone
Dimensions: 6 Feet Tall.
She is the embodiment of Woman in her full, free, unabashed sensual expression. Particularly in the West, day light is the world of the Sun, of Man, of linear time, whereas night is the world of Woman, of dreams, of spiral, nonlinear time.

Arch Angel

Travertine Marble
Dimensions: 7 Feet Tall.
Sculpted from travertine marble,  Angel is a rendition of half-angel half-man, speaking directly to our deepest recollection that we as humans are manifest from the Infinite Source of Life. Conceived with divine endowment, we are ever striving to bring forth from within ourselves a true and marvelous identity, an expression of Immortal Grace.
Man, incarnate in the creature human, suffering within the veil of forgetfulness, moves to and fro within the density of third dimension, flinging open the Heart in surrender, chancing all to be reconnected with that Source.

Boy Angel

Virginia Soapstone
Dimensions: 3 Ft. 4 In. Tall.
He is the evolved male – peaceful, blissful, strongly connected to humanity through the open hand between his wings, available to connecting with U.S. all.

Sacred Water Honoring Bowl

Canadian Marble
Dimensions: 3 Ft Wide. 3 1/2 Ft Tall.